Belron Experiences

We are delighted to welcome our supplier partners to the event. There will be the opportunity to network with them and discover their latest innovations in our exhibitions.

Do you want to experience the cutting-edge technology and expertise that make Belron the world leader in vehicle glass repair and replacement? Experience this for yourself at Best of Belron.

Today's Training is Tomorrow's Expertise: Join a virtual training session and learn how Belron technicians are constantly improving their skills and knowledge through innovative methods and platforms. You will get feedback and tips from a Belron virtual trainer and see how they use gamification, VR, and AR to enhance their learning.

Today's Tools for Tomorrow's Vehicles: Explore the latest technology and products that Belron uses to service the vehicles of today and tomorrow. You will see how Belron adapts to the changing needs and expectations of customers and car manufacturers, and take part in a recalibration competition!

Today's Repair Prevents Tomorrow's Replacement: Participate in a live Repair demo and see how Belron technicians use advanced tools and techniques to repair chips and cracks in vehicle glass. You will get the chance to create and research your own chip and understand how Belron helps customers and the environment by repairing instead of replacing whenever possible.

Today's Products for Tomorrow's Needs: Discover the innovative solutions that Belron develops and tests to meet the future challenges and opportunities in vehicle glass. You will see how Belron collaborates with research partners and suppliers to create new products and materials that are more durable, sustainable, and efficient.

Don't miss this chance to experience the future of vehicle glass repair, replacement and recalibration.