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Michael Robinson - ED Design

Michael Robinson

Mike Robinson - CEO & Design Director, ED Design srl.

Michael Vernon Robinson is CEO and Design Director of  ED Design, a design and engineering company within the automotive and transportation industry.

Previously, Robinson held the position of Design Director at Bertone, Fiat and Lancia and worked as a designer with Ford in Dearborn and Volvo in Gothenborg, Sweden. Several of his more prominent styling contributions have been the Ford Ghia Vignale TSX-4, Fiat Bravo/Brava, the Lancia Thesis & Ypsilon, and recently, the Alfa Romeo Pandion and Jaguar B99 GT concept cars.  




'The future of mobility in the digital Era'

Every year, around 1,2 million deaths are caused by vehicle accidents, making it the 8th leading cause of death on the planet. The spectacular growth of automobile sales in countries like China and India means that if we stay on the present path, WHO states that by 2030, global road casualties will climb to 3.5 million every year. The only way accidents can be completely eliminated is by taking the driving task out of the hands of humans and putting it into the hands of a digital protection system. Soon, it will be considered not only feasible, but mandatory.

What emancipated designers are asking now is: If I must give up the mechanical action of driving my car, what will I do while travelling, and how will I interact with my car? Will people lose their love affair with automobiles if steering wheels are prohibited? Will insurance disappear if accidents disappear? These and many other difficult questions are challenging the most brilliant minds in the automobile industry. This is where Robinson's designers live.  

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